Full Band Antennas - 4G Antennas for use with 4G Routers

     Fullband Antennas
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Full Band Antennas are high quality 4G Antennas designed primarily for use with 4G Routers. They are called Full Band Antennas becuase they cover the whole GSM frequency range inlcuding 2G (900/1800 Mhz), 3G (2100Mhz) and 4G (800/1800/2600mhz).

This means that you can use our Full Band Antennas with a 4G router whichever mobile network you choose. This makes them ideal for 4G routers becuase when the 4G network is unavailable then most 4G routers will drop down to 3G which uses a different frequency and many 3G and 4G routers include features like SMS reboot so the router may also need to access 2G services or in the event that 4G and 3G are unavailable some routers will use 2G for data (EDGE and GPRS).

Fullband Radome 4G Antenna

Omni-Directional, Outdoor Radome 4G Antenna, 6dBi Peak Gain


Fullband FB4GD7 Directional Panel 4G Antenna

Fullband Directional Panel Antenna

Directional, Outdoor 4G Antenna, 7dBi Peak Gain


Fullband Dual Antenna

Omni DIrectional, Indoor Mag Mount 4G Antenna, 7dBi Peak Gain


Fullband 4G Puck Antenna (Low Profile)

Panel Mounted Low Profile Mini 4G Puck Antenna, 3dBi Peak Gain


Fullband 4G Mini Mag Antenna

Magnetic Mount Indoor 4G Antenna, 3dBi Peak Gain


Fullband YAGI Directional Antenna

Outdoor Pole Mount High Gain YAGI Directional 4G Antenna, 12dBi Peak Gain